There have been countless times when our patients with Low Vision have expressed their emotions of happiness, gratification, and yet, sadness during their visits. We’ve learned over the years that these patients need more than just office time to connect and share with us.

In September 2010, we officially introduced our Low Vision Support Group. We have since had a variety of patients attend our groups who have shared very interesting stories, including triumphs, everyday challenges and frustrations they encounter as a result of their vision loss. The group has also served to allow members to generate new ideas to help each other, as well as provide a source of emotional support and networking.

Please join us in sharing your journey and experiences, and meet new friends, while sharing some delicious treats! Our group meets the 2nd Friday of each month. Our group is co-facilitated by occupational therapist, Elsa Zavoda, and one of our staff members, Larissa Steinberg. Please contact our office for more information about our group at (732) 568-0038. We hope to see you there!