Once the refraction is complete, the doctor will determine if you will benefit from additional magnification. Low vision aids are devices that magnify objects at a distance or for near.

Telescopic glasses improve distance vision and can be worn for activities like watching television or seeing plays or sporting events. Some people are even able to drive using a special type of telescope called a bioptic. There are numerous ways to provide magnification for reading vision. Sometimes high-powered glasses can be used for reading. Handheld magnifying glasses can make things larger and bolder, to make them easier to see for a person with low vision. Most of the magnifiers used by a low vision specialist are stronger and have less glare and distortion than magnifying glasses that you can purchase in a store.

Electronic or digital magnification uses camera technology to make print larger and enhance contrast. These devices project the magnified image onto a screen, which allows people to read a larger area of print at once.

Our doctors are also able to make recommendations for enhancing visibility on a computer screen or handheld electronic like a phone or tablet.

We have many low vision aids available to try at the time of your evaluation, and you can purchase low vision aids through our office.

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