Welcome to Low Vision Center of Central New Jersey

Welcome to the Low Vision Center of Central New Jersey—this website will serve as your guide for anything and everything you need to know about our center, located within Somerset Eye Care in North Brunswick, NJ.

Our goal is to help people with vision impairments maintain their independence through the use of optical, non-optical, or electronic vision aids. We are an office that considers each patient to be a human being, not just a set of eyes.

Since opening in April 2000, we have helped thousands of people with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other eye diseases resume work or hobbies they thought they could no longer do because of their vision.

At Low Vision Center of Central New Jersey, we are dedicated to providing high-quality low vision services in a comfortable environment. Call us at (732) 568-0038 or request an appointment today online.

Low Vision Evaluation

Low vision evaluations are done by appointment at our North Brunswick NJ office, and typically take between 60-90 minutes.

In a low vision evaluation, our doctors will ask you to describe your vision, so we can understand what you can and cannot see. We will measure any glasses and magnifiers that you have been prescribed in the past. If you have specific things you would like to be able to see, please bring examples to your appointment.

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Once the refraction is complete, the doctor will determine if you will benefit from additional magnification. Low vision aids are devices that magnify objects at a distance or for near.

Telescopic glasses improve distance vision and can be worn for activities like watching television or seeing plays or sporting events. Some people are even able to drive using a special type of telescope called a bioptic. There are numerous ways to provide magnification for reading vision.

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